Project: udacity-cs101


Amber Jain’s Python code for Udacity's CS101 class which is an implementation of a barebones search engine.


You can view my Python code submission for this course by downloading zip or tar.bz2 file.


I successfully completed Udacity's CS101: Introduction to Computer Science - Building a Search Engine course taught by Prof. David Evans (of University of Virginia) in February - April 2012. I passed the course with Highest Distinction. Click here for Certificate of Accomplishment.

As part of this course, I did programming assignments in Python programming language. I implemented a barebones search engine in Python. I don’t have time to setup a GitHub repository right now for these source files (but I intend to do so in near future) due to me taking many online classes at the moment. This is also due to the fact that I’ll like to cleanup my code, add comments etc. In the meantime, you can download the source code using link in Downloads section above.