Other projects:

  1. Google Play Store Keywords Tool: July 2015 (under active development); Suggests keywords for Google Play Store optimization and sends email alerts for the same; Made using Flask, Python, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, ZeroClipboard.js.

  2. Bulk Whatsapp Message Sender: Hobby project (Dec-Feb 2014); Two different proof-of-concept automated bulk whatsapp message sender programs by leveraging concept of functional testing; Made using Python, Genymotion, Appium, Selenium. Not hosted publicly because it violates T&C of Whatsapp Inc.

  3. Profile Enrichment: Hackathon project (Feb-Mar 2015); Aggregator of data from third party profile enrichment services such as,, foursquare,, etc; Written using Python, Django, PostgreSQL, BeautifulSoup, Bootstrap. Not hosted publicly because it violates T&C of services like,, foursquare,, etc.

    Full stack development of Python/Django website to generate printable PDF posters for online courses from Coursera, Udacity, edX etc. Technology stack includes Python 2.7, Django 1.6, ReportLab, qrcode, Twitter Bootstrap, Nginx, Gunicorn, Ubuntu 12.04 Linux, Git/GitHub and Fabric.

  5. Time Your Instagram: Programming assignment for an interview built in a single day; Suggests time & weekday for a user’s Instagram post.

  6. ocpkg:
    My Google Summer of Code 2012 project; Fully automated build, packaging and deployment of OpenCog instances for Linux and Windows/Cygwin which enabled both continuous as well as on-demand build generation.

  7. ml-class:
    Octave code for Machine Learning class (taught by Professor Andrew Ng of Stanford University).

  8. udacity-cs101:
    Python implementation of a barebones search engine (for Udacity's CS101 "Introduction to Computer Science: Building a Search Engine" class taught by Prof. David Evans of University of Virginia).

  9. Investigation of Symmetric Block Cipher Algorithms:
    My 8th semester academic project in which I investigated symmetric cryptographic algorithms.

Other contributions:

  1. Content mirror (website) for some Udacity courses.

  2. Content mirror (website) for Intro to Artificial Intelligence course.