How to uninstall Android apps using TWRP custom recovery?

If you have a custom recovery (such as TWRP) installed on your Android device, you can use it to uninstall Android apps on your phone. You might ask:

Why/when would one need such a feature?

One use case for this would be if your Android device is stuck in a bootloop (not uncommon if you are using a custom ROM) after you installed a new app.


Let's get started!

  1. Reboot your Android device in "Recovery" mode. Depending on your device, you can do this either with your Android's "Reboot" menu:
    Android Reboot options
    or by holding Power+VolumeUp button as soon as your power on your device.
  2. Once you are in TWRP, click Advanced. Then click File Manager:
    TWRP File Manager
  3. In TWRP's File Manager, navigate to /data/app. Find the folder corresponding to the package name of app (for e.g. Uber's package name is com-ubercab, which can be found out from it's Play Store URL: Go inside this folder by clicking it's name in TWRP File Manager.
  4. In the lower right corner, press the blue-colored “Select” button. Press "Delete" and slide to begin the process.
  5. Press “Back” and now go to /data/data. Again find the folder with the package name of the app that you want to uninstall (e.g. com.ubercab) and go inside this folder. Press "Delete" and slide to begin the process.
  6. Go back to the home menu of TWRP and press Wipe. Now press Advanced Wipe button. Select Dalvik / ART Cache and Cache checkboxes. Then swipe the Swipe to Wipe box.
  7. Go back to TWRP's home menu and press Reboot, then System.

That's it! Hopefully your device won't get stuck in bootloop this time (fingers crossed) and boot back into your Android OS.