Amber Jain

  Amber Jain

    Growth Hacking Consultant; Backend/DevOps Engineer
    Bangalore, India
    Founder/CEO of HashGrowth (YC SUS17); Worked at Taskbob, Tinyowl, Google Summer of Code 2012
    Python/Django PostgreSQL Redis Linux/AWS Bootstrap/HTML/CSS C Matlab/Octave


I'm Amber Jain, based in Bengaluru (India). I'm founder/CEO of HashGrowth (a Y Combinator SUS17 alum). HashGrowth is a marketing technology startup where we are building a B2B SaaS product for App Store Optimization.

I have a Master's degree in Computer Applications. I worked for OpenCog project in Google Summer of Code 2012. I started my career as one of the first 3 employees at food delivery startup Tinyowl in 2014. In 2015, I started working as a Growth/Backend Engineer at home services startup Taskbob. Since mid-2016, I had been building my product HashGrowth. Along the way, I worked on projects like (one of Alexa top 100000 websites), ViralCents (product for incentivized social sharing) etc. as well as few freelancing gigs on the side (for,,, Grappr etc.)

I am a programmer by education, but a growth engineer by profession. I have worked in different capacities as a growth hacker, backend engineer and devops at different startups. I write about Growth, Engineering, Security etc on my blog.

As a Growth Hacking consultant, I help startups achieve accelerated growth. If you are interested to put your startup on a organic growth curve, contact me over phone/email.

In conversation with keynote speaker Michael Foord at PyCon India 2014
PyCon India

In conversation with PyCon India 2014 keynote speaker Michael Foord in Bangalore.

Teaching Origami to school kids in Upper TCV School at Dharamshala
Upper TCV School

Teaching Origami to kids in Upper TCV School at Dharamshala (as part of Hillhacks 2016 school program).

My talk 'Design for Non-designers' at Barcamp Mumbai in 2014
BarCamp Mumbai

My talk "Design for Non-designers" (about low-fidelity interactive prototyping) at BarCamp Mumbai in 2014.